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This is the place for projects and initiatives that are making the difference in Lake Como area.

This project aims to value in terms of tourism and environment the Alpine region of Alto Lario (northern side of Lake Como), not exploiting it, but using and improving the available resources.

The project, funded by the Cariplo Foundation and promoted by Istituto Oikos in partnership with the town of Gravedona ed Uniti , aims to enhance the mountain area of the town, in particular the Valle Albano Park and the nearby areas.

The proposed solution: foster care practices of the area and encourage the development of a more sustainable ecotourism as a tool to ensure the enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage together with the process of socio-economic growth of the community.

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Lake Como

About Non Solo Lago project

Litterally translated in Not just Lake project
The mission:
the project aims to contrast the causes arising from the deterioration of the Alpine environment, following the abandon of agricultural and pastoral activities.

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