About Non Solo Lago project

Valle Albano Park - Lake Como - Italy

NON SOLO LAGO – Resilience strategies for the stewardship and enhancement of tourism and the environment in the alpine territory of Alto Lario

The project Non Solo Lago aims to enhance and promote the alpine area of the municipality of Gravedona ed Uniti (located in the northern part of Lake Como), with particular regard to the Valle Albano Park and its adjacent areas.

Non Solo Lago is financed by the Fondazione Cariplo and promoted by Istituto Oikos ( http://www.istituto-oikos.org ) in partnership with the Municipality of Gravedona ed Uniti.

The project is involved in upgrading the network of walking paths in Valle Albano, expanding the offer for tourism and recreation in the mountain area, and supporting the local agro-pastoral production chain. Project initiatives will make it possible to tackle the causes behind the deterioration of the alpine environment, and to encourage good custodial practices. Lastly, the project favors the development of sustainable tourism as an instrument to ensure the valorization of local natural and cultural heritage in cooperation with the socioeconomic growth of the community.
The project is conducted under the scientific direction of the University of Insubria and with the collaboration of several local organizations.


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