About Valle Albano Park

The Valle Albano Park is a local park located in the municipality of Gravedona ed Uniti on the northwestern side of Lake Como, on the border of Switzerland. The protected area covers about 650 hectares and lies at the head of Valle Albano, which takes its name from the river that flows through the valley. The park is home to numerous species typical to the alpine environment and is considered an area of primary importance for the protection of biodiversity and of the mountain territory; for this very reason, the park has been identified as a “key area of biodiversity”.

The park can be reached, starting from Dongo, by following the signs to “Stazzona, Germasino, Garzeno”. Once in Garzeno, continue following the signs for “rifugio Giovo” (Giovo alpine hut). Proceed along the road to its end (Bocchetta di Sant’Anna) and then take the parallel road Valle del Liro. After about 200 meters, the route becomes a dirt road; however, it is easily drivable even without 4X4 vehicles. Once you reach the Giovo alpine hut (about 25 kms from Dongo), you will have arrived at the entry of the PLIS. Park your car and follow the route on foot.

Several itineraries have been identified and verified thanks to Non Solo Lago project (between 2015 and 2016), this is the main reason why we propose them as viable independently. Please always look for information about the weather before setting out, pay the utmost attention and always organize into small groups.


  1. Quang Sanctuary – Brenzeglio – Giovo pass
  2. Giovo pass – Gino Peak – Giovo pass
  3. Giovo pass – Sommafiume Shelter
  4. Giovo pass, Marmontana, Cugn peak, S. Jorio, Giovo pass
  5. Giovo pass – San Jorio pass Track
  6. Giovo – Bocchetta di Sommafiume – Sommafiume Lakes
  7. Giovo – Sommafiume – Giumello (CH) – San Jorio – Giovo

Useful info

Rifugio Mottafoiada (summer opening, please double check if it is open before you leave)

Info and booking:
Mobile: +39 340 821 2626
Email: info@rifugiomottafoiada.it

Rifugio S. Jorio (summer opening)

Info and booking  (lunch and nights):
Nino e Marcella: mobile +39 349-72.79.924,
Home +39 (0)344-30539

Rifugio Sommafiume (CAI di Dongo, not managed)

Info, booking and keys:
Pasticceria (bakery) Tre Archi – Piazza Matteri – 22014 Dongo
Tel. +39 (0)344 80465

Rifugio Canua (Summer opening managed by Mato Grosso volunteers)

Info ebokking
Mobile: +39 335 809 78 97
Email: info@rifugiocanua.it
Email prenotazioni@rifugiocanua.it

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