Agriculture on lake Como

Lake Como is the kind of destination that surprises, because a lot of attractions are not in plain sight, part of its history is forgotten, and many of its typical products are not known worldwide.
Although not as widespread as a hundred years ago, the primary sector is still based on tradition, and that is why we can proud ourselves with very typical products.
One of the gems of lake Como, foodwise, is honey. Honey has a very long history and it has the very specific characteristics given by a pre-alpine area with a mediterranean climate.
There’s also extravirgin olive oil, produced in this area since the Romans brought Greek colonist who planted olive trees and vines by the lake.

Sustainable lake Como

Olive trees on lake Como

And even some locals don’t know it, but there’s an interesting production of goat cheese.
Non solo lago – Not just lake – invited some agricultural workers of the area of Gravedona and Valle Albano to take part in the project to talk about how to better value and promote their products, the products of lake Como. The first meeting was at the end of October.

I love this territory, so I’m always tempted to convince everyone to come and visit, especially when I write. So please forgive me if I try too hard, but here’s my opinion.
It is undeniable that we don’t have the same variety of some other regions – the vineyards of Piemonte or Friuli, the sun of Sicily – but if you had been at the meeting you would have heard these guys talk about their honey or their goats and you would have known that what we do have is passion, dedication, love. Real love for these products. They love our territory, and we would love everybody to know more about it. We want the world to love our lake the way we love it. It’s like when you have a child, and you want everyone to know how great they are.
I would like to share some of their stories, but they deserve to be written about one by one.


Written by
Caterina, Land Ambassador

Stay tuned!

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