Brunedo Itinerary – Giovo Pass (road open to vehicles)

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Distance: 6,4 km Duration: 2.00 hours
Altitude of departure: 1320 mts Altitude of arrival: 1706 mts
Ascent: 386 mts Descent: 0 mts
Low difficulty – Easy trial on unpaved road open to vehicles.

itinerario-brunedo-passo-del-giovo-strada-carrozzabile-lake como

The itinerary

The itinerary starts from Brunedo Alp (1320 mts), shortly after where the paved road that from Garzeno leads to Giovo Pass becomes unpaved. At the itinerary starting point there is a lay-by on the road side that allows you to park your car.

The itinerary allows to reach Giovo Pass by walking, following the dirt road, which is the main access to the Pass.  It is recommended especially for those visitors who do not have a off-road vehicle and/or do not have driving experience on dirt roads, and who wants to reach Giovo Pass along the easier route.

In the first part, the itinerary is very easy, slightly uphill and crosses a beautiful beech wood, overtaking in a short time the crossroads for Brunedo Alp and Mottafoiada Refuge. After about 2 km (40 mins) you reach another fork that allows to take an alternative path to Giovo Pass, hiking over an easy mule track. Here, to remain on the main path, it’s necessary to keep left following the dirt road and the directions to reach the Giovo by mountain bike.

The track, always slightly uphill, allows with some hairpin bends to go up the southern slope of the Liro valley, through woods of conifers that gradually give way to more open environments, mainly colonized by the green alder, bracken and some birch.

After about 3 km (5.000 mts from departure, 90 mins more or less) you reach the crossroads to the fortresses of Cadorna Line, located along the ridge of Giovo Pass which brings to Motto of Paraone.

The trial from here continues almost in flat up to Giovo, that you reach after about 1500 mts with half an hour of walking.

The return, following the route taken in the first leg, takes about 1h45.

Safety first!
The suggested itineraries extend through mountainous surroundings, along trails or paths that are normally traversed by hikers. Each itinerary has been classified according to the complexity of the route, the overall gradient difference and its length in three difficulty levels:
Low: Route suitable for any hiker, without any difficult elevations

Medium: due to length and elevation, itinerary is feasible only for hikers who are in good shape and who have a good level of experience

High: due to length and elevation, itinerary is feasible only for hikers who are in good shape and who have a good level of experience.
However, all itineraries, regardless of the level of difficulty, must only be attempted by people who are used to mountain hiking and with appropriate clothing and equipment.

The itinerary duration is provided for indicative purposes only, and are based on the effective walking time, without rests. These durations may vary significantly depending on each individual’s walking speed.

The itineraries indicate where there are shelters and water sources in the Valle Albano area. However, it must be kept in mind that many shelters may only be accessible on reservation, or may only be open during the summer.
Water supply sources (fountains and drinking troughs) do not work all year round and the quality of drinking water cannot be guaranteed. Hikers are advised to set out on hikes with an adequate water supply.
We cannot guarantee the preservation or accessibility of the routes indicated, nor can we guarantee signposting, where it is present, particularly in relation to weather events or weather conditions that may bring about unforeseeable hazardous conditions or safety risks.

Therefore, those who choose to hike do so at their own risk. In this respect, we recommend that you contact local guides for information and to plan guided excursions.

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