Non Solo Lago products: wine with regional geographical indication for the Lario region

WINE WITH REGIONAL GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION FOR THE LARIO REGION Wine making in the Lake Como area has very ancient origins. For centuries, these areas produced wines regarded as light and refreshing. However, from the end of the nineteenth century winemaking experienced a sharp decline, which was caused by the appearance of new diseases and pests,[…]

Braschino, typical product of the Valle Albano - Lake Como

Non Solo Lago products: Braschin, typical dessert of the Albano valley

BRASCHIN, TYPICAL DESSERT OF THE ALBANO VALLEY In the Lake Como area, between Dongo and Garzeno, migration to and then home from Sicily in the 17th century had a significant influence on the life of the community. This region produces a focaccia bread born out of ancient Sicilian traditions: braschino. The difference between this and[…]


Non Solo Lago products: Lario chestnut

LARIO CHESTNUT (North Lake Como chestnut) Typical fruit of semi-mountainous forests, that ripens between September and November. In our region references to its consumption and cultivation date back to 1250 in the “Tre Pievi” area. The following varieties are found in the region: Marroni: this variety’s fruit is larger than average and is covered by[…]


Non Solo Lago products: small mountain fruits

SMALL FRUITS OF NORTH LAKE COMO The following small fruits grow in the mountain areas of the Como province. Their name comes not only from their size, but also from how little economic importance they had in the past. Giant American blueberries, the fruit of a bushy plant that can reach 2 metres high. They[…]

non-solo-lago- products -honey

Non Solo Lago products: honey

HONEY IN NORTH LAKE COMO (Alto Lario) The uniqueness of the honey of this area stems mainly from the variety of plant species available to the bees; the Alto Lario area in fact, despite being located in the Alpine foothills, is home to an almost Mediterranean and varied flora thanks to the mitigating presence of the[…]


Non Solo Lago products: cheeses

Discover with Non Solo Lago the best of Lake Como area products, starting with cheese. LARIANO DI LATTERIA Soft cheese produced between May and September, although you can enjoy forms throughout the year. As goats often share pasture with cows, it can contain up to 30% goat’s milk. The cheese takes its name from the[…]

Non Solo Lago products - North Lake Como

Local products – Lake Como – Non Solo Lago project

Non Solo Lago products Purchasing NON SOLO LAGO products means supporting the small producers of the Alto Lario area who, despite economic and technical difficulties, continue to do a job which is crucial and of great cultural value, thus helping to preserve the biological varieties of this land. The produce of the area has unique[…]