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Local products – Lake Como – Non Solo Lago project

Non Solo Lago products Purchasing NON SOLO LAGO products means supporting the small producers of the Alto Lario area who, despite economic and technical difficulties, continue to do a job which is crucial and of great cultural value, thus helping to preserve the biological varieties of this land. The produce of the area has unique[…]

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Sustainable mobility: means of transport alternative use in Alto Lario – Lake Como

Can a tourist destination be as accessible as sustainable? It seems an oxymoron or almost a challenge, but it’s possible to connect this two aspects to get a perfect match. The trick? A right mobility for environment. Today, there are various options: slow tourism, alienating activities in which it’s possible to enjoy every moment of[…]

Robba Beekiping - Lake Como, non solo lago

Apiculture on lake Como: a form of meditation

Apiculture is probably the most fascinating facet of agriculture, and Lake Como has a long history of beekeeping. Bees are not big animals that you can close within a fence, you can not decide where or when they fly, or even if they’ll come back. You know that, normally, they come back, but there is[…]

Lake Como -beekeeping lab - Non Solo lago itineraries 2016

Gravedona – Lake Como – the sacred area: Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio and the Gramatica Beekeeping lab

The sacred area of the town is an important historical example, from the Roman era to the present day. The Church and baptistry were the centre of the Tre Pievi (Three Parishes) area and, for this reason, the two religious buildings were rebuilt and renovated over time.The guided tour includes  the Church of Santa Maria del[…]

Lupus in Fabula - Lake Como - Gravedona

Lupus in Fabula – Lake Como – Gravedona

Gravedona (Lake Como) is going to host a dedicated event to the wolf (back) on the Alps with a focus on the nearby mountains: Alpi Lombarde and Valle Albano park. Biology , ecology and curiosity of a predator in Expansion , to understand the phenomenon without prejudice SPEAKERS: Eugenio Carlini (Istituto Oikos) Adriano Martinoli (Università[…]

Sustainable lake Como

Agriculture on lake Como

Lake Como is the kind of destination that surprises, because a lot of attractions are not in plain sight, part of its history is forgotten, and many of its typical products are not known worldwide. Although not as widespread as a hundred years ago, the primary sector is still based on tradition, and that is[…]

Sustainable mobility - the train of the five lakes

Sustainable mobility: a day trip on the train of the five lakes

There are studies that convert commuting hours saved into happiness earnt. A well functioning railway is an example of sustainable mobility not only environmentally speaking,, but also in terms of well-being and happiness. Most people don’t even know it, but there is a train that goes from Como to Lecco and back nine times a day.[…]

Green holidays in Lake Como: Valle Albano park

Green holidays & Lake Como: discover the Valle Albano park with Hiking Como Lake

  Valle Albano Park – green holidays: hiking, trekking cultural itineraries – July to October 2015 Non Solo Lago, in cooperation with three local organizations, offers several itineraries for visits of one or two days. The routes have been designed for those who wish to explore the mountain area for its natural beauty, but also[…]