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The Sommafiume Shelter: to the Valle Albano springs – October 8th

The itinerary departs from the Passo del Giovo pass (1706m). The walk is quite easy and sets out on an easy path that enables you to go right to the head of the Valle Albano, crossing meadows and shrub lands, as well as some small streams embedded in little valleys that cut across the southern[…]

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Discovering the Valle Albano Park during S. Jorio celebration 7th of August

The 7th of August is a very special date for the Alto Lario (North Lake Como), in particular for the Valle Albano  that was in the past one of the most important path connecting Lake Como to the rest of the world, starting with Switzerland. Hiking Como Lake invites you to discover with their guide[…]

S Jorio Pass and Morobbia valley (Ch) - Iinsubric Line - Lake Como

Discovering the Valle Albano Park: the San Jorio Pass – Lake Como

The area around Lake Como has an hided treasure waiting to be discovered. Valle Albano Park is a local park shared by multiple municipalities, established in 2005, located  in the territory of Gravedona ed Uniti. The San Jorio Pass (2014m above the sea level) lies withing the boundaries of the park and is the point that[…]


A walk down memory through Valle Albano Park and Val Cavargna – Lake Como

One of the most interesting aspects of the project Non Solo Lago (Non just Lake) is that you can learn a lot about the history of Lake Como. Northern Lake Como, often overlooked by tourists, is actually a perfect destination especially for those who love hiking. Have you ever heard of Valle Albano Park or[…]

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Trekking and nature in the Valle Albano Park , Lake Como

Trekking and nature in the Valle Albano Park , around Pizzo di Gino This splendid two-day itinerary is rich in natural and scenic interest. Visitors will hike through the wildlife Park of Valle Albano to reach the peak Pizzo di Gino (2.245 m), to enjoy one of the most expansive views of the Alps. The[…]

Valle Albano park lake como Germasino  Garzeno

The Valle Albano Park gem of Lake Como: history & local food

The next round of the initiatives developed by Non Solo Lago project for the Valle Albano Park in the Lake Como area is Tuesday, August 11 with Imago Cooperativa Turistica (www.imagolario.com/). Towards Valle Albano- amid history and tradition After discovered Germasino, its narrow streets you will hear stories of emigration,the mixing of dialects, smuggling, journeys of[…]