Discovering the Valle Albano Park: the San Jorio Pass – Lake Como

S Jorio Pass and Morobbia valley (Ch) - Iinsubric Line - Lake Como

S Jorio Pass and Morobbia valley (Ch) – Iinsubric Line – Lake Como

The area around Lake Como has an hided treasure waiting to be discovered.

Valle Albano Park is a local park shared by multiple municipalities, established in 2005, located  in the territory of Gravedona ed Uniti. The San Jorio Pass (2014m above the sea level) lies withing the boundaries of the park and is the point that connects the valleys of Morobbia (Switzerland), Albano and San Jorio (Italy).

The mountain pass held strategic importance throughout history as a communication link for the populations of the various mountain villages as well as a transit point  for traders, pilgrims, militia and various traffickers who operated  here during historical and political tumult over several centuries.

This unique itinerary  to Giovo follows a new trail cleared by hunters. Included in the hike is a visit to The World War I trenches and the ascent to S.Jorio along the border ridge. Visitors will enjoy the remarkable view from the pass over the Western and Swiss Alps, Lake Maggiore and the Orobie Alps. The historical significance of this area will  make the hike even more interesting. On the edge of Valle Albano, relics dating back to First World War are clearly visible, such as  the remains of The  Cadorna Line, a defensive structure built  in preparation to combat possible foreign invasion, but fortunately never used.

The Insubric Line also crosses this pass, an important  geological line that determines the orographic division between the Lepontine Alps to the north and the Luganesi Alps in the South. This border is visually outstanding from a geological point of view. During the  hike, a difference in the shape of the surrounding mountains become noticeable; this is due to  the events of the last glaciation (from one million to 25000 years ago) but also from  prehistory, dating back to the formation of the Alps, tens of millions of years ago.

Hikers will discover these historic and prehistoric memories accompanied by a trained mid – mountain guide, and will look forward to a leisurely lunch  with typical foods from the Lake Como area at the Sant’Jorio Refuge, a former Border Guard barracks, now an alpine hut.

Meeting point:
Dongo, Via Statale 178 (near the fire brigade barracks) at 9am and transfer with your own car to Mottafoiada (15 km).

Altitude difference: 700m
Time: 5 hours
Difficulty level: easy, suitable for everyone

June 2nd
August 7th (San Jorio celebration)
September 3rd

€40 lunch included (first course, second course, drink and dessert)
Children under 10 yo: €18

Mario +39 338 8266525
Francesca +39 338 8669117

Please book by 12.00 the previous day



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