Ever been to an agriturismo? Try one on northern Lake Como

In most European countries you can talk about rural tourism, that is basically accommodation within nature. farmhouse La Sorgente - Lake Como - cultivation

In Italy we don’t have such definition but a much more challenging one: agriturismo. Farmhouse (or in Italian Agriturismo) is a kind of business that mixes agriculture and accommodation, or agriculture and a restaurant, or agriculture and hyppotherapy…well, you get the point: agriculture has to cover at least 51% of the work of the farmhouse in Italy. It’s a very complicated business to run, and it’s difficult to find the right place to start one, because you need to have enough land and a big structure for the other activities.

Agriturismo La Sorgente was the first to open on Northern lake, back in 1997.
It is located in Brenzio (Gravedona), at about 550m above sea level, and it mostly gives blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and, in fall, chestnuts, walnuts and hezelnuts. In August, when I took part in a guided tour through Brenzio and Stazzona, the tour ended at thisfarmhouse, where we were offered a lovely snack that included some deicious rasperries from the agriturismo’s own production.

It was only some time later that I met Marco, the owner, a kind and smart man who clearly believes a lot in what he’s doing, but not only: have the impression that he’s always going from one meeting to another, among which one with the other agricultural workers of the area. And that is, I think, because he knows that one person can do good things, but when more people work together they can accomplish excellent ones.

relax at Farmouse La Sorgente - Lake Como


Written by
Caterina, Land Ambassador

Photo provided by Sara Vitali

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