Ganda: the legendary ancient settlement of Dosso del Liro – Lake Como

A short walk from Piazza della Chiesa can take you to a legendary place known as Ganda, said to be the ancient settlement of Dosso del Liro.

Link to Ganda from Dosso del Liro - Lake Como

Link to Ganda from Dosso del Liro – Lake Como

Some say that in ancient times, Dosso del Liro was not located on the hill slope where it is now, but further upstream near the village of Pozzanega, and that it was called Ganda.

The Ronzone stream did not follow its present course, but its bed ran closer to the mountain where is located Peglio and across the San Pietro Plain, before flowing into the river Liro further south, below the village of Negrana.
The parish church was that of San Pietro in Costa, part of the Collegiate of Gravedona. To reach it, the parishioners had to walk for about an hour along a cobbled road below the village of Civano.

Legendary remains of the ancient Ganda settlement. Lake Como

Legendary remains of the ancient Ganda settlement. Information is not proven scientifically

According to legend: it had been raining heavily for several days. It was Sunday, the inhabitants of Ganda started out on their walk to San Pietro to attend the religious service.  About half way along the road, they noticed that a rather mysterious and strange woman, a herbalist and perhaps a witch, called “ra stria”, who had left with them from Ganda, was no longer with the group. Thinking she might have felt ill, some of the men retraced their steps to look for her. They found her sitting on a stone close to the village, immobile as if she had been waiting for them. They told her to hurry up so as to reach the church in time for the service. The old woman refused to move and rather annoyed shouted: “I’m not coming with you, not even if Ganda falls into the river this morning”. The stunned men looked at each other, thinking her weirder than usual, and left her sitting on the rock before re-joining the others. After Mass, they set off to return home. About half way along the road, they were met by a deafening noise, a strong wind and a stink of mud. Overcoming their fright, they ran towards the village, where they had left the older folk and children, only to find it submerged by a huge landslide, so big in fact that it had diverted the course of the streams. The road below Civano had been dragged down into the bed of the Ronzone stream. Unfortunately those who had stayed home were beyond help. The survivors thanked God for their narrow escape and began searching for a rocky terrain on which to rebuild the village. They decided to settle on the hill between the two streams and called the village Dosso del Liro.

(quoted from Dosso del Liro quaderno di storia curiosità e leggenda [Dosso del Liro notebook of history curiosities and legend] edited by Tamara Scirè)

view of the path via satellite: Dosso del Liro - Ganda - Lake Como

View of the path via satellite: Dosso del Liro – Ganda – Lake Como

Tourist information

The walk starts from Piazza della Chiesa, where the bus stops (the service runs from Mondays to Saturdays) and where you can buy water at the Bar Trattoria La Madonnina Massimo (shown on google maps) which is just 2 minutes away.

To find the trail you have two options:

  1. Follow the main road (by walking back about 200 metres in the direction of Gravedona and bearing right at the first intersection). Follow the first two bends in the road (the first after 400m from the start, and the second after 550). The trail starts at the third bend (800m and a 10-minute walk).
  2. Climb up towards the bar and continue until you come to a narrow but transitable road called SP4. At that point, continue as far as the first bend, where the trail starts that leads to Ganda.

How to get there:
Public transport: unfortunately the timetable is not ideal for day trips to Dosso del Liro.
The bus departs from Gravedona and Uniti twice a day from Mondays to Saturdays. From Gravedona – Via Cerviano – Bar 2000 , the C18 line stops in Dosso del Liro Piazza della Chiesa. Please look for the needed  number of bus in the list linked (Italian only) or download in the app store ARRIVA ASF , in English
Departures to Gravedona 2.41 pm – 4.41 pm arriving in Dosso del Liro at 2.57 pm and 4.57 pm.
The return trip from Dosso del Liro departs 7.05 am – 8.04 am – 1.15 pm – 1.54 pm

By car, the road climbs up from Gravedona and Uniti. Follow the signs from via Cerviano/Bar 2000

When: we suggest early spring because it is easier to distinguish the ruins. After that the growing hay makes it much more difficult.

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