Lake Como: Dosso del Liro and “La Fonte di Mariella” farmhouse – 7th may

Non Solo Lago project is happy to invite you to discover Saturday, May 7 a splendid spot of Lake Como: Dosso del Liro and the farmhouse “la Fonte di Mariella” (= The Spring of Mariella).

Lake Como - Dosso del Liro by Maurizio Moro

Dosso del Liro, Lake Como by Maurizio Moro

Dosso del Liro is a picturesque mountain village situated, as the Italian name implies, on a summit. The visit includes the Parish Church of Santissima Annunciata, located in the main square, off which branch the streets and alleys.

You can admire its ancient doorways, stone corners and views of the lake whilst also hear the stories, the legends and the dialects that have been passed down for generations.

After visiting the village and some of its borough, you will reach the welcoming “la Fonte di Mariella” property nestled in the Monte Carsano woods, just outside of , which serves lunches and dinners made using the area’s local products, including meat, salami and vegetables picked straight from the garden.

Lake Como - Non Solo Lago project Farmhouse La Fonte di Mariella - local products

Meeting point : Parrocchile od Dosso del Liro’s square at 3pm

Cost 10€ per person, (Free for children aged under 12)
Info and booking : +39 034482572 /
Operated by Coop Turistica Imago

One date every month , between April and August, on qwhich you can take a stroll walk through the area’s history and stories and enjoy the tastes, flavours and philosophy of our regional products. At the end of each
walk you will have an opportunity to learn about one of the area’s agricultural companies, as told directly by those who manage it , as well as to taste the products on display.


Stay tuned!

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