Lupus in Fabula – Lake Como – Gravedona

Lupus in Fabula - Lake Como - Gravedona

Gravedona (Lake Como) is going to host a dedicated event to the wolf (back) on the Alps with a focus on the nearby mountains: Alpi Lombarde and Valle Albano park.

Biology , ecology and curiosity of a predator in Expansion , to understand the phenomenon without prejudice


Eugenio Carlini (Istituto Oikos)

Adriano Martinoli (Università degli Studi dell’Insubria)

  • FRIDAY 22th january 2016

20.30 Centro Polifunzionale –  town of Gravedona ed Uniti

Click here to download the leaflet of the event Lupus in fabula – Lake Como – Valle Albano park.

The event will held in Italian and it is organised in collaboration with Non Solo Lago project & LifeWolfAlps


Stay tuned!

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