Non Solo Lago products: Braschin, typical dessert of the Albano valley


Braschino, typical product of the Valle Albano - Lake Como

In the Lake Como area, between Dongo and Garzeno, migration to and then home from Sicily in
the 17th century had a significant influence on the life of the community.

This region produces a focaccia bread born out of ancient Sicilian traditions: braschino.
The difference between this and the Mediterranean version can be found in the local version’s use of butter and sugar, rather than the Sicilian version’s oil and salt.

The origin of the name derives from the fact that it is cooked close to the
embers: “braschino” comes from the word “brasca”, which means “embers” in the Lombard dialect.

Braschino has a leavened dough made out of water, flour, butter and egg yolks, to which nuts, currants
or raisins are added, then finally sugar mixed with egg white.

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