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Discover with Non Solo Lago the best of Lake Como area products, starting with cheese.


Soft cheese produced between May and September, although you can enjoy forms throughout the
year. As goats often share pasture with cows, it can contain up to 30% goat’s milk. The cheese takes
its name from the fact that in the past, small cheese producers, returning from mountain pastures
carried their milk straight to dairies, or latterie, for processing.

Its main ingredients are goat’s milk, rennet and salt, but it can also contain herbs, pepper, various
spices and garlic. It comes in shapes of very variable sizes and its consistency can be soft, creamy or
coarse. It has a strong flavour, and its colour can range from white to straw yellow.

It is made from skimmed cow’s milk, rennet (from cows and sheep) and salt. Its consistency is
between rubbery and soft, and its colour can vary between straw yellow and green. It is aged in
natural caves called crotti, or in cellars. In ancient times it was only produced in winter, for family
consumption, whilst cattle were sheltering in the cowshed.

Made from ricotta cheese flavoured with salt, pepper and chopped herbs. Depending on the aging
process, its colour can vary from white to yellow, and the more time passes the spicier it becomes.
In the past it was made using alpine ricotta during the summer and was stored in special containers
called marne during the winter. To prevent mould, during the aging process the outside of the
cheese is treated daily with white wine and salt.

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