Non Solo Lago products: Lario chestnut

(North Lake Como chestnut)

Typical fruit of semi-mountainous forests,
that ripens between September and lario-chestnut-north-lake-como-non-solo-lagoNovember. In our region references to its consumption and cultivation date back to 1250 in the “Tre Pievi” area. The
following varieties are found in the region:

  • Marroni: this variety’s fruit is larger than average and is covered by a shiny light brown skin with darker raised stripes, with a delicious flesh that is resistant to cooking.
  • Lüina: the tree is smaller in height and has wide, sometimes twisted, foliage. The fruit can be eaten dried.
  • Verdesa: this variety is suitable for storing fresh, thanks to its ability to keep its husk closed even
    at the point of ripening.
  • Anghirovera (or Ranghirovera): this
    chestnut is large, but not very flavorful.
  • Ostana: these are small and sweet,
    ripen in mid-September and
    cannot be stored for a long time.


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