North Lake Como: Walk from Stazzona to Brenzio visiting La Sorgente company

Saturday, 6th of August discovering the North Lake Como with Imago Guide and Tour and Non Solo Lago project.

After visiting a reproduction of a typical Masun (a construction characteristic of the Valle Albano valley that is used as a stable and barn), we will visit the Parish Church of Stazzona dedicated to San Giuliano and its sixteenth- and seventeenth-century frescoes. A pleasant scenic and flat walk will take us to the village of Brenzio, where we can admire the frescoes of Isidoro Bianchi from Campione and Giovan Mauro della Rovere, known as Il Fiammenghino, in the charming Church of San Giovanni Battista.

masun - stazzona - non solo lago project Lake Como

In the second part of the afternoon we will visit the company “La Sorgente”, where Marco will tell us about how he has continued his parents’ work and about his passion for growing berries, which we will all enjoy together as a lovely afternoon snack thanks to the skillful Diana.

Non Solo Lago Project - North Lake Como - La Sorgente agri company


Meeting point: Parrocchiale di Stazzona’s square at 3pm

Cost 10€ per person, (Free for children aged under 12)
Info and booking : +39 034482572 /
Operated by Coop Turistica Imago

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One date every month , between April and August, on which you can take a stroll walk through the area’s history and stories and enjoy the tastes, flavours and philosophy of our regional products. At the end of each
walk you will have an opportunity to learn about one of the area’s agricultural companies, as told directly by those who manage it , as well as to taste the products on display.

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