Sustainable mobility: a day trip on the train of the five lakes

There are studies that convert commuting hours saved into happiness earnt.

A well functioning railway is an example of sustainable mobility not only environmentally speaking,, but also in terms of well-being and happiness.

Most people don’t even know it, but there is a train that goes from Como to Lecco and back nine times a day. Although it is mostly used by commuters, the Como-Lecco is actually interesting for tourists as well.

Sustainable mobility - the train of the five lakes

Lake Alserio and its thicket –

It is also known as the five lakes train, because of its great view on the two branches of Lake Como and three of the smaller lakes between them: lake Alserio, lake Pusiano, and lake Annone.

This is not only a perfect way to go from one tourist attraction to another, but it is a tourist attraction itself. It’s perfect for a day trip from one branch to another, but make sure that you don’t catch it on Sundays, because it’s the only day it doesn’t run.Lake Alserio and its thicket

The area between the two Southern branches of lake Como is called Triangolo Lariano (Larian Triangle) and it’s less famous than the lake itself but really interesting from a naturalistic point of view.

The lakes the train runs by are the base of the triangle.

Lake Alserio, part of Regional park Lambro valley, has a cane thicket so thick that Emperor Redbeard is told to have gotten lost in it in 1160.

Lake Pusiano, also part of the Lambro valley park, was described as the most romantic of the five lakes by many writers, because of its small Cypress isle, on which allegedly live kangaroos.

Lake Annone has the peculiar shape of two lakes only linked by a very thin channel. The Easten portion is also known as lake Oggiono.

As regarding lake Como, the Como branch is a lot more famous than the Lecco one, but most Italians and Italian literature lovers know that Lecco is where Alessandro Manzoni used to spend his Summers, which provided him with the scenarios that he described in his masterpiece I Promessi Sposi. Many have studied his novel deeply, to match his descriptions with the spots he was being inspired by. The only one he mentioned explicitly is Pescarenico, a hamlet on the shore of the lake, mostly inhabited by fishermen. This is a perfect spot for a pic-nic or to just relax and sunbathe.

Sustainable mobility: by train in the Larian Triangle

Schedule in Italian of the Como – Lecco

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