Sustainable mobility: means of transport alternative use in Alto Lario – Lake Como

Can a tourist destination be as accessible as sustainable? It seems an oxymoron or almost a challenge, but it’s possible to connect this two aspects to get a perfect match. The trick? A right mobility for environment. Today, there are various options: slow tourism, alienating activities in which it’s possible to enjoy every moment of holiday, and experiential tourism, in which tourist takes an active part in local lifestyle.  A new unusual holiday type, in which the goal is to reduce negative impact on local citizens and environment.

No limit mobility, of course! Accessibility is very important in tourism, especially in the active tourism, in which visitor is looking for a continue contact with nature. But, at the same time, means of transport bring about environmental and holiday quality. This expedient adds up to some holiday, mainly in mountain, where transport’s practicality is pertinent.

Bike-sharing-Colico-VALTEBIKE-Lake Como

In the Alto Lario the 85% of tourists reach destination through their own car. This is a considerable date and because of that we should take responsible choices: forget own car to reduce traffic effects. The relief involves all holiday steps. First of all, an idea is to reach destination through train and make inner movements through local transports such as:

  • cycling and walking
  • Public transport
  • buses and shuttles (if possible electricals)
  • hiking and tracking itineraries

It’s very important to recognize local resources, compatible to sustainable development, environment and culture. A clean mobility to reduce pollution through rentals’, public and alternative transport’s esteem (Image 1) that together bring up on environment and climate change fight.

The Alto Lario want to be an ecotourism’s landmark, leveraging on activities’ organization. The area offers a wide range of proposals. Wanting to mention alternatives to the Valle Albano park, we can suggest  the bike sharing path VALTEBIKE.

Located among Sondrio, Colico, Tirano and Valchiavenna it’s possible to use bike sharing service (tandem, mountain bike, risciò, city bike, etc…) suitable to all needs, free departure and return in each area. It’s an itinerary of 170 km among Lake Como, Valtellina and Valchiavenna, connected by railroad and bus stations.

For the lovers of the lake, there is eco landmark of electric boats (Image 2), a green navigation system that allows to navigate Lake of Como and to explore Plan of Spain independently. In addition, for sport there are windsurf, kite surf with a kite to skim the lake’s surface, and rafting, an adrenaline raft tour through waterfalls to look other local beauties and nature.

electric boat in Lake Como - Non Solo Lago project

 The opportunity to enjoy pleasant experiences and little impact on the environment is given by the activities that the local community provides. The transport  is a main aspects to organize, especially in areas not as easily accessible as the destinations between lake and mountains, always remembering that the territory must be protected and preserved in order to continue to be loved and appreciated by residents and tourists.

A first step to sustainable tourism.


By Michela Serafino
Land Ambassador

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