Discovering the Valle Albano Park & the beautiful surroundings: lake, mountains, nature and culture

Valle Albano Parkgreen holidays: hiking, trekking, culture itineraries – July to October 2015

Non Solo Lago project, in cooperation with three local organizations, offers several itineraries for visits of one or two days. The routes have been designed for those who wish to explore the mountain area for its natural beauty, but also for its historical and cultural value. The project has also managed to to reduce the cost per single visit.


The next round of the initiatives developed by the operators & the team of Non Solo Lago project is Saturday, october 3rd with Imago Cooperativa Turistica (

The Cooperativa Turistica IMAGO has designed two itineraries for those who wish to explore the Valle Albano area, combining its natural beauty with its historical and cultural value.

From the “Masun” to the artistic and scenic  heritage of the Valley

Stazzona UB-1030

The itinerary departs from the Piazza della Chiesa of Stazzona, which stands near a restructured “Masun”, a typical rural house with a sloping roof made of rye straw. These constructions once served as house, stable  and barn.

The visit to the parish church dedicated to Saint Julien, which, as in other rural towns, formed the true center of the community will follow.

We will see the side chapel decorated with frescoes by the famous “Fiammenghino” in 1619. Several artifactsi n the church bear witness to emigration to Sicily in past centuries, which affected the entire upper Larian area (Alto Lario, known more as the northern side of the Lake), especially the small hillside villages.

This itinerary includes a visit to a farmhouse that offers its typical products (honey, jams and cheeses) for purchase.


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